In 2019, WCCO-TV did something different at the Minnesota State Fair.  They took people on a trip down memory lane.
WCCO debuted a very special film at its state fair booth, showing an inside look at what’s happened since the last Minnesota State Fair.  The challenge was to convey that this is a movie – red carpet and all ­–  while also evoking the sight, sounds and feel of a state fair.   
Inspired by - and mimicking – movie marquees and drive-in signs of yesteryear, the brand identity I developed is consistent across all touch points.  Be it a physical neon and lightbulb sign placed on top the state fair booth, a collector’s tote bag, t-shirts or the graphics created across multiple mediums.   The identity clearly communicates the inventiveness of WCCO while also expressing the nostalgia and a playful spirit unique to the state fair.
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