The branding created for this new snack start-up provided the collateral to vigorously pursue serious investors.
With a passion for these sweet snacks to take on a new and rapidly expanding market, this challenger needed a strong presence.  We brought this exciting new product to life through naming, design and tone of voice.
To come up with the brand’s special distinctions, we studied the world of plant-based snacks and vegan food.  Our analysis found the vegan lexicon to be quite divisive online.  Oftentimes it can be viewed as boring, gross and expensive.  Likewise, “vegetarian” can mean healthy, but unsatisfying and bland.   Therefore, we focused on the delicious and distinctive flavors as well as mouthfeel.   Our research indicated that consumers want to know where their food comes from.  Leveraging that the treat was 100% natural and sustainable creates positive association with the product.
The design goal was to provide standout packaging on shelves.  We are currently in a new era of packaging for wholesome snack foods.   It’s important to convey that Jen’s Dates is part of this modern attitude. The color palette is bold and contrasting, clearly indicating the various flavors of the product.  The simple and bold typography of the logo is complemented by the straight-to-the-point image of a date with a bite taken out of it.
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